Baseus Swan Magnetic Desktop Bracket Wireless Charger(Suit for iP12) BS-W519

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Magnetic Alignment Charge at Any Time

Swan Magnetic Desktop Bracket Wireless Charger - Only compatible with Apple 12 series - Double ferrite ring - 15° full-direction adjustment - 15W peak output

Standard Ferrite Rings for Precise Alignment

Designed for magnetic wireless charging on Apple12 series.Double magnetic ring helps reduce leakage flux and ensures automatic and precise alignment between a phone and this wireless charger.

Charging vertically Charging horizontally

Double Ferrite Ring Closely Attracts Phones

Strong attraction force prevents phones from dropping while charging.

Live Streaming/Binge-watching/Work at Will

2 in 1 solution combining desktop bracket and wireless charger.

15W Peak Output

Support 15W wireless charging, charging starts immediately once placed.

Pure Copper Coils

Improve peak power by 50%.

Separate Main Controller IC to Avoid Overheating

Coil module and main controller IC are separated to isolate heat source and improve efficiency in this light and stable charger.

Fixed Frequency Voltage Regulation to Reduce 5G Signal Interference

Apple devices use fixed frequency voltage regulation, fixing the working frequency to avoid interference with mobile phone frequency bands and charge faster.

Upgraded Nine Security Protections

Built-in intelligent chip, safe and quick charging without damaging the device.

15° Full-direction Adjustment

Provide more comfortable angle for watching live streaming and binge-watching.

Full Charging Speed even with the Case

Only compatible with standard Apple 12 series cases and Baseus magnetic cases.

Stand Firmly and Take Easily

With a 206g body, it can stand firmly when you take your phone from it.

Elaborate Design

- With an 1m USB to Type-C charging cable No need to buy an extra charging cable. Just plug and play - Charging indicator Standby: solid white light In use: breathing light flashes Foreign object: white light flashes - A polished metal rod Stable support and elegant appearance - A silicone anti-slip pad Prevent displacement and dropping

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Sku: 2371 Price: AED 110.00 AED 120.00

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