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BRAVE SMART PHONE METAL BASE GRIP - Finger Holder Sling Grip for Smartphones/Tablets/iPod/eReader with Elastic Band and Compatible for Magnetic Car Holder

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AED 10.00 AED 15.00
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  • DESIGN: Ultra Slim Design to keep your Smartphone as true to its original shape as possible and not to enlarge it noticeably. Thanks to the tremendous choice of colors this accessory suits every taste.
  • FUNCTION: Always under control! Ideal for bigger Smartphones but also suitable for Tablets. Just slide one or two fingers under the elastic and you can start making calls, chatting or taking selfies. Due to the one-hand-operation you can move more freely than ever before without having to fear that your phone might slip out of your hand even while shopping, jogging or cycling!
  • QUALITIY: This practical and at the same time stylish equipment is an extremely usefull and durable accessory thanks to the well chosen material. The fingergrip can be easily stick on the backside of your Smartphone or its case with the proven 3M double-sided tape. For the fabrication of this practical product we used elastic rubber band for a pleasant wearing comfort even if you use it frequently.
  • INSTALLATION: Just stick the FingerGrip to the cleaned surface of your Smartphone or its cover with the 3m double sided tape and press it gently on for approx. 20 seconds. NOTE: Does not stick on silicone, gel, TPU or rubber.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Suitable for ALL Smartphones (e. g. Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S3 or S7 EDGE, ONE or DESIRE, LG G-Flex, Sony Xperia M etc.) Tablets (e. g. iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Tab A, etc.) iPods, MP3 Player, E-Reader (e. g. Amazon, Longshine Tolino Vision, ?) and many more.

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