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1-Razor the piranha goes to the dentist

Series name: Life's Little Lessons

While trying to keep his friends safe, Razor the Piranha hurts his tooth when biting through a fisherman’s net. His friends try to help him, but in the end, advise him to visit the dentist. What a surprise to find out that the dentist is an octopus! Razor is quite scared but soon discovers that the dentist can help him, without hurting him. After this little adventure, he makes a point of brushing his teeth carefully, every morning and every night.

2-Bandit and Rocky learn to ride a bike


Series name: Life's Little Lessons

Have you ever tried to ride a two-wheeled bicycle? If so, do you remember the first time you tried? It’s never easy the first time. Read what happens to two horses, Bandit and Rocky, when they try to ride a bike for the first time. Luckily, they get some help from a friendly little boy who has been watching their efforts.

3-Frankie's journey to Grandma's house


Series name: Life's Little Lessons

Frankie is a rabbit who wants to visit his grandma, but can’t because she lives a long way away. So, he works out a plan to get him to Grandma’s house. Inside a parcel, he has to fly in an airplane, sail on a ship, ride on a train, and get bumped around in the postman’s van. Do you think his plan will work? Read the story and find out if he makes it safely to Grandma’s house.

4-Freddy's great journey to Africa


Series Name: Let’s Explore Nature

Join Freddy, the curious little penguin, as he floats to Africa on an ice floe.

Join Freddy, the curious little penguin, as he floats to Africa on an ice floe. Find out how different it is on the other side of the world, and meet some strange animals. Learn how the animals help him to get back home, on the back of a whale, and find out how excited his penguin family and friends are to have him back again.

This funny little story is all about:

  • How easy it is to get bored with life and yearn to explore something different.
  • Showing the variety in the world, from the South Pole to the Tropics.
  • Describing the excitement of new discovery.
  • Illustrating how we learn from our own exploratory experiences.

But perhaps the greatest lesson to be learned from the story is that there is “no place like home” and it is always a welcoming place to be!

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Sku: 2817 Price: AED 110.00

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