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Flydigi Game Controller Gamepad Trigger Shooter Joystick for PUBG Mobile Game for iPhone Android - Left hand

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AED 45.00 AED 85.00
All prices include VAT


Model: Trigger
Tech: Capair Mapping
Max Stretch support: 82mm
Max Phone Thickness support: 9mm
Charging port: USB
Charging time: 1.5-2h
Life time: up to 80 hours
The power indicator lights up red when charging. When charging is complete, the red indicator light goes out
When the battery remains 20%, the power indicator will be green and will flash slowly
When the battery remains 10%, the power indicator will turn green and will flash quickly


Optional left or right, only one of them
The functions of the left and right handles are the same, and can be selected according to the habit
If you want two, add it to your shopping cart and pay together

Package Included:

1 x Gamepad for Mobile Game




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