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Goui 10600mAh Multifunction Outdoor Solar Light (G-SOLARLIGHT-CAM)

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Multifunction Outdoor Solar Light

Solar power banks are the most energy efficient and economical devices that someone can have. They no doubt make life so much easier. There are numerous benefits that they bring to our lives. They include;

1. Solar power banks can charge without any electrical input. This means that they have no associated costs that they bring along.
2. They can be used anywhere on earth, you just need to have access to sunlight.
3. Solar power banks are very versatile and can charge any basic gadget. You will never have to worry about any electrical shortages as the sunlight will always be present even for a little while.

LED Lighting LEDs have many advantages over incandescent light sources, including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved physical robustness, smaller size, and faster switching. They are also significantly more energy efficient and, arguably, have fewer environmental concerns linked to their disposal.

Waterproof / Shockproof IPX5 Can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray. Dust resistant. Some dust may get through, but it won’t be enough to damage the product.



  • Capacity: 10600mAh
  • Waterproof Rate: IPX5
  • Input: Micro DC 5V/2A
  • Output: USB DC 5V/2.1A
  • Solar Panel: 1.1W/5.5V
  • Dimension: 128*71*71 mm
  • Luminance: 95Im
  • Weight: 455gr
  • Color: Black
  • Model Code: G-SOLARLIGHT-CAM

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