Gripeez Set Of 10 Double Sided Grip Pads NEW In Sealed Package/Indoors Or Outdoors

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Product Description:

Gripeez are 3"x 2.5" clear adhesive pads that are designed to stick to any surface type. Unlike nails you can hang pictures without putting holes in your walls. Tape has been known to leave a sticky residue on the surface, these remove cleanly without the residue. Changing pictures are a breeze, just twist and the picture will remove from the pad, remove the pad from the wall, wash and reuse. They can be cut to fit any need. Gripeez are not just for hanging things, they can also be used to keep a rug in place without damaging your floor.

The Claim

Gripeez can be used on metal, tile, plastic, and wood just to name a few examples. They are non-toxic and safe. These pads can hold up to 5 pounds and can be used for things like hanging car keys by the door. In the shower to hang up a razor or toothbrush. Use them in the car for your phone or tablet. Decorate your house for a party quickly and easily remove the decorations without damaging the surface. Hang your tablet in the kitchen to follow a recipe or in the living room for a quick online workout. These versatile pads can literally be used anywhere for anything

What is this product?

GripEEZ is a new product made to quickly and easily mount any object without using nails or other adhesives that do damage to your walls and surfaces. They will hold and hang any object anywhere in a matter of only seconds. They are also reusable -- just rinse and they’re ready to use again -- up to 1,000 times!
How does this product work?

Simply stick a GripEEZ pad to your wall or surface and press firmly. Then just add your picture or other item and you’re done. The pads will strongly grip any of your objects for as long as you need them to. They don’t damage your walls or other surfaces, and they come off easily, leaving no sticky, messy residue behind. You can also reuse them up to 1,000 times by simply rinsing them off!
Where can I use GripEEZ?

    In the car - on the dash, windows, or even on the back of your seats!
    In the shower - GripEEZ will grip even when wet!
    On the refrigerator - no need for magnets!
    On your kitchen cabinets - hang that recipe up for easy access!
    On walls - hang photos without drilling holes in your walls!

How do I use this product?

Use your GripEEZ as they are, or cut them to the size you need. Attach the pad to your wall, and you’re able to immediately hang any object. Each pad holds up to 5 lbs. If you don’t hang your object straight the first time, simply remove it and try again. They are easy to remove from all your surfaces too, and they will never cause any damage. Don’t forget - you can reuse each pad up to 1,000, making this product extremely affordable


These pads are a revolutionary new way to hang anything anywhere that you want. They won’t damage your property, and you’ll never need to get out your drill or hammer again. Let GripEEZ do the job for you. The pads simultaneously grip your surfaces and your objects at the same time, never letting go until you remove them. They’re affordable and will never leave any mess behind. They last a long, long time with each pad being able to be reused up to 1,000 times. That’s a lot of gripping



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Sku: 5854 Price: AED 55.00 AED 90.00

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