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SwitchBot Remote For Auto LightSwitch Bot and Curtain

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AED 65.00
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- Also Work's With :

" SwitchBot Curtain Smart Electric Motor "


Description :


1) One-click for all – No need to operate your phone & voice control, just push the button to launch your SwitchBot device.


2) Compatible with SwitchBot devices – The SwitchBot Remote is compatible with SwitchBot Curtain and SwitchBot Bot.


3) Simple to program – Easily program 2 commands into two sides button, then you can turn on or off all of your different SwitchBot devices with this button. For example, the concave button can be used for ON/OFF a SwitchBot Curtain and the convex button to control the press action of the SwitchBot Bot.


4) Place it anywhere – You can place the Remote at any place within your reaches, such as bedside tables, desks, and walls.


5) Bluetooth Long Range – 4 times increasing than the normal range. Easy to control the SwitchBot device by pressing the remote button in your home.

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