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Walmart Shocking Liar Lie Detector Game Electric Shock -

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AED 55.00 AED 125.00
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  • Product Name Polygraph
  • Packing box
  • Box size 22 * 9 * 17 CM
  • Weight 730g
  • First put your right hand on the "polygraph" finger slot, be sure to direct contact with the fingers of the sensor, and then use the strap to fix the hand.
  • Press the "Reset" button, and keep the finger fixed, press the "Analyser" button, the machine will begin to read some of your data, in order to start the test when the comparison
  • You can ask the testers, remember that when you ask a question, you need to click the "Analyser" button
  • If you want to start the game again, or test other people, you need to press the "Reset button" to clear the data inside.
  • Brand : OUHAN
  • Toy Category : Activity & Amusement


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