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Xiaomi Jeeback Electronic Moxibustion Instrument Mini Massager | Physiotherapy | Heating (Model: M2-B)

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Xiaomi Jeeback M2-W Compact Massager:

Mini dual host | Intelligent temperature control | Moxa essence | Magnetic charging

▪ Three-level intelligent constant temperature control, low temperature without damage to importing moxa essence.
▪ The smokeless and high temperature will not affect the lungs, the subway and office can also be used as usual.
▪ Most health methods need to be performed on multiple different acupuncture points, and dual hosts can be used simultaneously.
▪ It weighs only 33g and is only slightly larger than the Coke bottle cap.
▪ Chi An Shi M2 uses a medical self-adhesive skin design, without the use of straps or hands to stabilize.
▪ Transparent magnetic suction base, the dual host can charge at the same time.


Step.1: Take a moxibustion tablet and tear the small circle of stickers.
Step.2: Paste this face on the host_.
Step.3: Tear the sticker on the other side and press it tightly.
Step.4: Press and hold the key to boot, then press the select mode to use.

Xiaomi jeeback M2-W compact massager

If you are overworked, have a headache, or are simply tired during a working day at a remote location, this massager will help you!)

Xiaomi jeeback M2-W compact massager

The device fits snugly on your skin and heats up to 50-70 degrees, warms up your muscles.

Xiaomi jeeback M2-W compact massager

The inside of the massager is simple - a plastic sheath and a heating element.

Xiaomi jeeback M2-W compact massager

Designed for 3 modes of operation - from 50 to 70 degrees in 10-degree increments.

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