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Xiaomi Lydsto HD-SCXCCQ01 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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Lydsto HD-SCXCCQ01 Specs:

Trademark Lydsto
Product weight 500g
Size 315 (height) x 55 (diameter)
Rated voltage 5V
Maximum current 2 A

The vacuum cleaner integrated with the hand-held pump Lydsto HD-SCXCCQ01

In addition to possessing a compact appearance similar to other portable vacuum cleaners, Lydsto HD-SCXCCQ01also offers users an integrated product with inflatable capabilities that can monitor tire pressure in real-time. . The product is equipped with a high-speed suction motor that can quickly clean impurities and dirt on any surface. Besides, you can also flexibly use the device to inflate and monitor tire pressure for your car easily.Lydsto HD-SCXCCQ01

High-speed motor, efficient dust collection

The Lydsto HD-SCXCCQ01 electric vacuum cleaner cum pump uses a high-performance brushless motor with a maximum speed of 80,000 rpm and a strong suction force of up to 7000Pa, making the device more powerful. Thanks to that, users can easily clean impurities and dirt more effectively. The product uses 2 modern filtration systems, in which the first filter is the 304 stainless steel primary filter, which prevents and cuts large debris. Next is the HEPA filter can help filter fine dust and prevent secondary pollution.Lydsto HD-SCXCCQ01Lydsto HD-SCXCCQ01

Depending on the purpose as well as the needs of use, users can flexibly switch between 2 different vacuuming modes. Specifically, the white light denotes the standard mode and has a usage time of about 30 minutes. In addition, with the advanced mode (green light), you can use the vacuum cleaner for about 15 minutes.Lydsto HD-SCXCCQ01

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