XIAOMI MIJIA QCOOKER CD-BL04 Blenders portable Fruit food processor electric kitchen mixer hand blender juicer chopper machine

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Item specifics

  • Brand Name:Xiaomi
  • Capacity (l):Other
  • Blending Arm Material:STAINLESS STEEL
  • Voltage (V):220V
  • Function:Other
  • Function:Fruit&Vegetable
  • Function:Bean Product
  • Function:Juice Extractor
  • Function:Rice Paste
  • Function:Five Cereals
  • Function:Corn Juice
  • Function:Milk Tea & Jam
  • Function:Mung Bean Paste
  • Function:Pottage
  • Function:Pure Fragrance
  • Function:Delicate Fragrance
  • Function:Fruit Juice
  • Function:JAM
  • Function:Vegetable cutting
  • Function:Meat Mincing
  • Function:Dry Grinding
  • Function:Stirring
  • Function:Egg Stirring
  • Function:Milk Shake
  • Function:Mixing
  • Container Material:ABS
  • Features:Mashing
  • Features:Multifunctional
  • Features:With Chopper
  • Features:With Whisk
  • Features:Turbo Mode
  • Cord Length (m):1.2m
  • Model Number:QCOOKER CD-BL04
  • Blade Number:4
  • Heat Preservation Function:No
  • Controls Type:Push Button
  • Housing Material:Plastic
  • Certification:ce
  • Certification:ROHS
  • Rotation Rate(RPM):15000
  • Chopper Material:Plastic
  • Style:Standing
  • Number of Pieces:1
  • Number of Speed Settings:1
  • Power (W):<750W
  • Release Date:2020
  • Weight:0.6kg
  • Power:150W
  • Capacity:280ML
Product Description

Juicing anytime, drink Juice anytime

Keep the original taste of the ingredients, squeeze the juicing anytime, drink Juice anytime, carry it around, carry it without preservatives, and taste more delicious.

One click to open, fresh life

Groove design. Easy alignment. Press the cup to start the product. You can stop by releasing your hand. Helps you better control the taste that suits you, delicate and smooth without residue.

Four blades of stainless steel for rapid juice extraction without residue

Four blades of stainless steel, symmetrically coupled design.Tookfun. When the ingredients are ready, press the cup lightly, the strong power drives the blades to rotate quickly, fully break the ingredients, and quickly squeeze the juice without leaving residue,great taste.

Diverse freshness

A machine with multiple functions makes it easy to make a variety of juices and shakes. Maintain the vitamins your body needs.

Easy access to various juice drinks

A variety of nutrition while satisfying taste

Change the lid and take it with you

Portable cup lid design. When the juice is finished, you can remove the cup from the juicer. Place a lid with a handle on the cup. You can take the cup with you.

Food-grade safety material, more secure

Cups made by injection molding are thick and feel good, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, not easy to deform, food-grade safety materials, and the cup body has no odor.

Detachable knife holder, easy to clean and washing

The knife holder and the cup can be separated and cleaned, it is not easy to leave fruit residue,Tookfun. and it is not easy to breed bacteria. After the juice is squeezed, it is only necessary to remove the knife holder and then rinse it gently.Very convenient.

Small size and does not take up space

Small size, convenient storage and no space required. You can put it anywhere.

Simple and elegant appearance, very nice

Streamlined design, simple and elegant, good-looking

Juice a glass of fresh juice every day, full of vitality

A glass of juice can start a vibrant day

A glass of juice can relieve tension

Drink a glass of juice to stay healthy

detail design

A lid with a handle for easy carrying Anti-slip foot pads at the bottom, not easy to move during juice extraction The heat dissipation holes on the bottom can quickly dissipate heat.

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