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Xiaomi Move it Beat Smart Dumbbell 0.5kg / 0.75kg / 1kg

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AED 160.00
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Product Description

Small size, big results

Move It Beat is a pair of smart dumbbells with motion tracking feedback. It connects with the provided Move It app for the iOS and Android to provide an interactive and effective cardio workout for users of all fitness levels.

48+ and Growing Library of Workouts

Get sweating by participating in one of many music genres of dance such as hiphop, jazz, samba, and much more!

Have Fun Losing Weight

Follow along the onscreen instructor and have fun burning calories as you try to finish each song with accuracy and tempo.

Product Details

A Closer Look at the Hardware

Move It Beat syncs with smart phones through a Bluetooth 4.0 connection.The sensor display has a dot LED illumination that display the current weight during idle. The sensor module can be removed for charging with the provided micro USB cable. A single full charge can provide up to 8 hours of continuous training with the supported Move It mobile app.


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