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Turok Steinhardt Sunglasses

Turok Steinhardt Sunglasses are made from multi-layered high-quality materials. The outer coating of the lens consists of a transparent nylon polyamide, which is used in the manufacture of masks for astronauts. It serves as an excellent barrier to UV rays that harm your eyes.


Polarized nylon lenses

Protect eyesight from bright sunlight and UV radiation

Lenses made of multi-layer polarized nylon are very effective at blocking out direct and reflected sunlight, thereby reducing eye fatigue and maintaining visual acuity. The lens is multi-coated with polarized material for the realistic display of colors and dimming of bright light.


Virtually weightless lenses

Nylon lens weighs only 1 gram

The density of nylon, from which the lenses are made, is only 1.02 g / cm 3, which makes it the lightest material for the production of spectacle lenses. Thanks to this, the total weight of the glasses with lenses is only 18 grams. Therefore, they practically do not put pressure on the bridge of the nose and ears.

Despite the fact that the material is very light, it also has a special impact resistance - with a strong impact, the glasses simply deform without breaking into fragments.sunglasses-turok-steinhardt

Nylon is a sun-resistant crystalline material that is widely used in aircraft, automotive, and bulletproof glass. It does not scatter light, and also provides complete protection against UVA and UVB types. At the same time, the lens made of nylon is noticeably better than a sprayed glass lens.


Self-healing lens

Lenses are made of 6 layers of material that can remove scratches

The main feature of Turok Steinhardt Sunglasses is the ability to restore the structure and surface of the material. Sun-protection lenses consist of 6 layers of material, which at room temperature in sunlight allows you to tighten up scratches, up to 20 microns deep. The material can be restored not only from the outside but also from the inside of the lens.


The material with the memory effect activates with ultraviolet light and in 20-30 seconds heals any scratch, up to 20 micrometers deep.


One-piece seamless frame design

Stylish bezel-less design for lightness

One of the highlights of the Turok Steinhardt Sunglasses with polarized nylon lenses is an all-metal frame around the lenses, giving the temple a sense of being attached directly to the lenses. The frame is created using laser engraving technology. The bezel-less design allows the frame to sit within the lens protrusion line, so the glasses visually appear to have no bezels. This technology can only be used with nylon lenses.


Backward center of gravity

The center of gravity of the frame is tilted back for a more comfortable fit

In addition to the total weight of the glasses, a comfortable and thoughtful design is a very important parameter for sunglasses. For example, the closer the center of gravity is to the back of the glasses, the more comfortable it is to wear and the less uncomfortable they are. That is why the distribution of the weight of the temples, temples, and lenses made it possible to shift the center of gravity of the glasses by 8 mm back so that they practically do not create pressure on the bridge of the nose and skin.


Only 0.21 Newtons

Comfortable compression force

Compared to conventional sunglasses, the compression force of the temples has decreased several times, due to which the pressure on the head is significantly reduced.


Stainless steel bezel

High carbon steel gives the frame strength

High-carbon 304H stainless steel is used for the production of sunglasses. Thanks to this material, the glasses have acquired a durable yet lightweight frame weighing only 6.7g.


Hypoallergenic silicone temple and temple

Non-irritating ear hook

The temples, temples, and nose pads are the parts of the glasses that come into contact with the skin. Therefore, when making glasses, the choice of material for these parts is especially important. To prevent the development of allergies, the usual polyvinyl chloride has been replaced by food-grade silicone, which not only does not irritate the skin but is also soft.




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