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Xiaomi Vacuum Food Container Vacuum Storage Proof Taste Food Full Package (6 Containers)

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Item specifics

  • Model Number:Youpin
  • State of Assembly:Ready-to-Go
Product Description
Vacuum crisper
Vacuum delay lock delicious taste as done
Vacuum storage / delay lock fresh / moisture proof taste / food contact material

Slow oxidation,Moisture change,The changing,Delay lock fresh3-5 times
PCTG maternal and child material every bite is assured.

Thin and not easily broken 1.2 meters drop measurement after several dry fall test, shock resistance, not afraid to fall.
Long lasting and delicious in simple operationAim the pump at the vent and pull until the air valve is no longer inflated. Each user is given a free vacuum pump.

Heat range -20℃C-99℃It can be used for refrigeration and hot water washing.* please do not use hot water to cook for a long time. High temperature may cause deformation.

Vacuum storage is watertight
After pumping, the tank is sealed, and the lid cannot be opened without venting, effectively preventing air leakage and water leakage.* please vacuum and seal the liquid food before putting it into the bag. Do not turn it upside down to prevent accidental leakage.

1,After the lid is closed, the pump is aimed at the suction orifice to pump up and down
2,Until the balloon sag stops pumping
3,Date dial adjusted to current date
4,Open the air valve before opening the cover and wait until the air pressure in the tank recovers before opening the cover

Precautions for use
1· applicable to refrigerator and dishwasher, not oven and microwave oven.
2. When vacuuming the air bag sag can stop pumping, not more.
3. After putting in high-temperature ingredients, do not immediately pump out air. After refrigerating and freezing, restore to normal temperature before opening.
4. Please make sure that the tupperware reaches the vacuum state when carrying liquid food.·
5. do not open the cover forcibly under vacuum.
6· do not use steel wire ball for cleaning, and do not store corrosive liquid.

Product name: Vacuum crisper
Product material:PСТG
Product color:White
Product application:Place in refrigerator at room
Temperature: -20-99 C degree

Tips: 670ml is recommended for children to bring fruit or rice for women, and 1000ml is recommended for men. (the above sizes are all hand-measured, and there may be slight errors.

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