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Xiaomi Youpin - Portable Seat Cushion Back Support & Waist Protection For Home Or Office | LB-HS003 |

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AED 195.00
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1) Lumbar support chair : 
Keep the spine in a natural s-shaped curve, tighten the lower abdomen and increase the strength of the waist and abdomen.

2) Crotch Correction : 
Stereo package, hip support, hip improvement, leg shape correction.
3)  Pelvic Correction :
Maintain a neutral pelvic position, improve the problem of pelvic tension or back tilt, make the lower abdominal muscles tighten and reduce the lower abdomen.

4) Surrounded in 3D Omni-Directional :
Sitting for a long time, the coxal is compressed by weight, and going down so that you can enlarge the outer flat coxal for a long time, affecting the formation. Pillow outer circle sticks closure package,coxal is secured together within bounds,prevent coxal spreading and adipose,small and lovely but-tock model.

5) Multiple scenes, multiple life fun :
-8 working hours, balanced release pressure. The waist belt is placed in the music category to relieve pressure on the spine, so you can maintain correct posture and prevent humpback.

Package included :

- 1 x Waist protection pad.

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